Church Planting

Planting Churches That Plant Churches & Developing Existing Churches

Why We Exist

CPR Ministries exists to promote and support Church Planting and Revitalization in the Western United States. Directed by Bishop Frank Crank (Church planting Coordinator, AZ) under the auspices of Administrative Bishop Shea Hughes (Church of God State Offices, AZ).


If your interested in planting a church, or want more informations about future church plants, this is that page you would like to see.

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This is for the churches that need some resources.


This page is for people who would like to help fund church planting in the Western United States.

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Current Church Plants

Flagstaff: Joshua Richmond
  Flagstaff: Jonathan Harrell
  Kingman: Edward Trent
  Mohave Valley: David Rose Prescott: Jame Dykstra
Prescott: Fred Hays
Sierra Vista: Heber Valenzuela
Surprise: Kevin Smith