Arizona School of Ministry


Making Disciples And Training Leaders for Ministry

An educated world deserves an educated church. This reality has in many ways caught the Pentecostal Charismatic church world by surprise. The Bible is clear in that preparation is essential. Elijah mentored Elisha, Elisha had a School of Prophets, Jesus trained the twelve and Paul exhorted Timothy. We are developing the Arizona School of Ministry to equip and train ministers to be effective church planters, pastors and team members. The Arizona School of Ministry currently offers the Calling and Ministries Studies program, the Calling and Ministries Studies for Students Program, and the Ministerial Internship Program.

Calling and Ministries Seminar

Are you interested in becoming a licensed minister with the Church of God? If so, the Calling and Ministries Seminar (CAMS) is your first step. This four-month program will lead you through three seminars, two courses, and several in-depth dialogues with church leadership in assessing your call. This program is a fruitful conversation that asks you, “Are you sure about this? Let’s sit down and talk about it.” Upon completion, most people move forward with studying for their exam. Some, however, are relieved to discover that what they thought was God’s call into credentialed ministry was actually a call to serve in a manner that requires no credential, Either way, this program answers that question for you.

Calling and Ministries Seminar for Students

Are you between the ages of 14-24 and are wondering if you’re called to ministry? The Calling and Ministries Seminar for Students (CAMSFS) is your starting place. God often calls people at a young age. This program guides you through a four month journey of seminars, some cool easy to read books, working closely with a pastor, and lots of soul-searching conversations. When finished, if everyone’s in agreement you can move forward with getting your credential (special process if under 18). For some the process reveals a need to wait a little while before moving forward. Either way, your question about your call gets answered.

Ministerial Internship Program

Do you already have an Exhorter’s License and feel you’re ready to move on to the next step of credentialing? The Ministerial Internship Program is an integral part of your journey forward. As a mandatory program within the Church of God for receiving your Ordained Minister license, this program delivers the best set of gloves and boots a minister needs for hands on work in the trenches of ministry. As an intern in a local church you will spend the next nine months participating in weekly meetings with your supervisory pastor, going to monthly seminars, and taking a few college courses. Weekly ministry assignments with follow up debriefings provide opportunities to strengthen areas of weakness and bolster areas of giftedness. Your first step in this process is seeking the approval of your local pastor and then submitting a completed application.

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