Church Planting

Planting Churches That Plant Churches & Developing Existing Churches

The mission of the gospel was originated and designed to grow: to move. This mission is forward in momentum. Movement is the defining word that encapsulates Church Planting & Development in Arizona. The “M” word itself communicates that we are advancing, growing and being productive. Movement is Core to who the Arizona Church of God Organization is and who it must be always.


Our Movement embraces, fosters, and boldly advances the planting of new churches among everyone possible everywhere possible every moment possible. Dr. C. Peter Wagner’s most famous and often quoted statement remains true and real church planting, “…single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven.” (Church Planting for A Greater Harvest, 1990). We are the Church of God in ARIZONA and WE PLANT CHURCHES.


Planting Churches is the beginning of lifelong journeys. All who are traveling on these journeys are best served and most productive when their journeys are together journeys. Church Development among the Arizona Church of God is all about together journeys. We desire to encourage, strengthen, draw out of one another the greatest productivity and live life in a community that is better because we are together. Developing churches is an essential action in the life of the church. This action walking the Together Journeys of Faith following Jesus Christ includes embracing church ministries that make people better. Some of these ministries include Men’s Discipleship, Women’s Discipleship and ministry among Maturing Generations. Church Development enforces movement through Making Disciples Who make Disciples who will Plant Churches that Plant Churches.

Church Plants In AZ